Skype Guitar Lessons from the comfort of your home

Professional Skype Guitar Lessons with Geoff Sinker. Holder of a Trinity College Of London Degree in teaching guitar. He Specializes in Rock, & Blues,

Bring Technology To The Classroom

I always try and bring in new and interesting ideas to the lessons to improve the quality of our sessions. I work with Guitar Pro 7 which allows me to show you the notation and tablature for either the song or the piece that we are working on. I have a huge collection of backing tracks that i have built up over the years so i will ensure that you have these to use ahead of the Skype lesson. I find that this makes up for the fact we cannot jam together online, but you can demonstrate to me your prowess while you play along with these superb backing tracks.

Skype Guitar Lessons for All Ages

Skype guitar lessons with Geoff are open to all, from ages of 9 years old. Guitar students learn to understand and apply music theory, song writing skills, and advance these techniques. Geoff covers numerous styles of genres including Blues, Rock, Reggie, Jazz, Fusion, Metal, Punk, and Top 40 Hits. He offers kids guitar lessons, teens guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons and guitar lessons for seniors.

How do I get started with an online guitar lesson today?

Scheduling Skype guitar lessons is quick and easy!  Fill out the Contact Us form, and Geoff will reply quickly with open time spots for you to choose from. Webcam guitar lessons require a high speed internet connection, a functioning computer able to run real time audio and video for the webcam. Skype is a free download and must be installed and functioning on your computer ahead of lesson time. Furthermore, Geoff is happy to help with technical questions to make sure the camera, computer and program settings are at the best they can be.  Download Skype here.

Do you offer a trial online guitar lesson?

For anyone unsure if taking a Skype guitar lesson is correct for themselves then Geoff offers a Free 20 minute trial lesson. During the call you are welcome to ask any questions on lessons, discuss what your goals are, and also the best method for setting up for your Skype guitar lesson.

Access All Content For only $6.99 per month

New video lessons that will be added every month. The lesson include note by note instruction on how to play the song including the guitar solo’s. Also included are the tablature for all the guitar parts. I also include a backing track that i individually prepare for each song that includes a live guitar track and drums and bass guitar.

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