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Let Me Explain What Is A Guitar Mate

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What is A Guitar Mate

The idea of Guitar Mates came from my students and also through my love of Golf. For the last 30 years I have been teaching students from all levels. One of the biggest problems I have noticed from all students is a lack of confidence. They watch great players on YouTube and Instagram, and think that unless they are playing at that level then they are inadequate as a guitarist.

When actually the vast majority of guitarists are experiencing the same problems and frustrations with their own playing.

So I decided to create a site that focused more on the techniques and challenges my students face when learning to play a song or guitar solo.

What's Different Here?

The lessons and video I post here are not like my usual YouTube lessons. They are more like a normal online lesson that I would conduct with a student.

The lessons are more in depth looking at how to actually play specific riffs and rhythm patterns. Taught at a more basic level. Many licks are explained in a slower tempo allowing you to really follow the line being taught.

You Mentioned Golf!

Yes you’re right I did mention Golf. Learning how to play the game of golf is a great leveling experience. You soon realize that you can play and enjoy the game without being amazing and that the average golfer is playing at the same level you are. The pro players are an exception not the normal as well as being extraordinarily dedicated to achieve their goals.

So enjoy learning to play¬† the guitar and don’t measure yourself against the pro players. Focus on yourself and not others.

We Are All Guitar Mates Here

What Is A Guitar Mate

A Guitar Mate is a subscriber to the site that would like to learn with other players of the same level.

Each month I will be posting lessons that allow you to upload a recording of your own playing. I will review the submission if you post to the private lobby but I would encourage you to post to the public lobby so other members can watch and learn and offer tips and ideas with a view to helping and encouraging.

How To Become a Guitar Mate

Guitar Mates is a subscription service and only cost $6.99 per month.

This gives you full access to all areas of the site. Just click on any subscription link in the site enter a few of your details then you will be linked to PayPal to complete the registration process.

You can cancel your subscription at any time

Whats included

In depth lessons
All courses for one monthly fee
Easy to follow Instruction
Downloadable PDF Tablature
Guitar Pro Fills
Forums and Discussions
Gear Talk
Backing tracks
Tips and Analysis
Cancel subscription anytime
Chance to show your skills
Friendly community

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