All Time Classic Rock Riffs

Premium Lesson - Classic Rock Riffs

For some time I was looking to put together a number of lessons that looked at some of the great guitar  riffs of our time. Many of these are quite short and and can be taught in a very short period of time. These type of short lessons don’t really suit the YouTube market and of course you are always wary of the crazy copyright rules that are now killing the ability for teachers like me to show students how to play these timeless riffs. So I have decided to feature an entire section of the premium channel  devoted to teaching you some of the best short guitar riffs in rock’n’roll history.  Some you will love some you won’t but we can’t win them all.

Please enjoy and have fun learning them.

The lessons also include the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and is available to download. Some even come with exclusive backing tracks created by me.


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