The lessons includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and backing all of which is available to download.

In this course we look at another side of Gary Moore.

Gary Moore will always be remembered for his early work with Thin Lizzy and then later in his career as an incredible Blues guitarist and composer with the release of Still Got The Blues.

However, Gary did have a successful career with The Gary Moore Band releasing, Run For Cover, Back On The Streets, which gave us the classic song “Parisian Walkways” followed by Wild Frontier and in 1989 After The War.

It is that period of Wild Frontier released in 1987 that we are looking in this session.

The first solo we look is from the Title track Wild Frontier, a short but aggressive solo with a number of twists and turns that make learning this solo both challenging and fun at the same time.

Second up it’s the turn of the song Over The Hills And Far Away.   This song highlight’s Gary’s Irish ancestry. The opening section of the solo has a very Celtic theme and is support by a gust appearance of the popular Irish folk band The Chieftains. But firing into a short explosive rock style finale.

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