Crusader By Saxon – Improvise Solo Practice

Premium Lesson - Crusader - Improvisation Session

This course gives you the opportunity to improvise and create your own solo over the track Crusader.

The lessons also includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and is available to download.

I thought it would be great fun and an ideal learning experience for my followers to create their own solo(s) and post it here in either a private section or in the public section of the site so that myself and other Guitar Mates can comment and pass on some tips to help with your playing. I also feel it will help you learn watching others show their playing skills and ideas.

What Is An Improvisation Session

I decided to offer this service to students to help build their confidence and let them realize that they are not alone in learning and struggling with their playing.

So many of my students mention that they have seen a lesson on YouTube that they felt made them feel very despondent with their playing.

So the purpose of these sessions is to help you see that you are probably not alone and that the vast majority of guitarists out there are at the exact same level as you. This is a private subscription only service so no need to worry about stupid comments from trolls as you would find on YouTube.

Let’s create a fun community here. That why I have called the site Guitar Mates so we can all help out each other and enjoy learning and playing the guitar. Click on the lesson section for the improvisation session for all the details.

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