Dallas 1pm By Saxon – Full Lesson

This lesson includes Solo Lesson, tablature, & backing tracks,

The lessons also includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and is available to download.

This course covers all the guitar parts played by Graham Oliver and Paul Quinn. The source for the main guitar solo is taken from the album track, which is slightly different than the live album tracks. I couldn’t find any tabs so I decided to write them myself. I have tried to make the tab and solo as easy as possible to follow. As you get more comfortable with the solo then you can start to add some of your own style and personality into the playing. “Dallas 1 PM” concerns the assassination of John F. Kennedy. “We thought, ‘Should we put one shot in there or should we put three?'” recalled singer Biff Byford. “In the end we went down the conspiracy theory route and had three shots.”

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