Devils Child By Judas Priest

This lesson includes Solo Lesson, two backing tracks, 1st one includes the Glen Tipton guitar, the 2nd has no guitar just Drums and Bass.

The lessons also includes the tabs for both guitar in PDF format and is available to download.

Learn to play Devil’s Child by Judas Priest from the Screaming for Vengeance album, the eighth studio album Judas Priest. The album, considered the band’s commercial breakthrough, sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide and has been certified double platinum in the United States of America.

This lesson covers all the main guitar parts played by KK Downing and Glen Tipton.
Tablature and a backing track track can be downloaded by visiting my website.

The song is a power chord based rocker in the key of A with a melodic theme played through the chorus.

Sound Setting

I have used my normal Judas Priest 11 Rack preset on all guitars.
I am using a Marshall 800 Head. Bass at 12 o’clock and the mids and high up to 3 o’clock.
Pre amp is at 10 and master at 8

I have used a compressor at the front end going into a tube screamer with the the overdrive at 11 o’clock.
I have also added a slight chorus to the effects loop Rate is 0.12s, Depth 10.5 ms Mix is 29% wet.

Slight room reverb but not to much.

With the amount of overdrive and distortion I have my noise gate set way up as I want to really cut the sound of after each chord.

Both KK and Glen play almost the same throughout the song, the only differences that I could spot was that Tipton Plays the D chord as a bar chord on the 5th Fret. And in the Pre Chorus he plays the C and The G chord on the 15th fret.

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