The lessons includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and backing all of which is available to download.

The course all guitar parts played by Brian Robertson & Scott Gorham.

In this month’s lesson we are looking at the song Emerald by Thin Lizzy. The song is the closing track from the 1976 album Jailbreak and with the dualling guitar solos it really ends the album on a high.

I have broken the song down into easy-to-follow sections

  1. Intro & verses for Brian Robertson followed by the parts played by Scott Gorham.
  2. Main Guitar Riff
  3. The buildup to the solo
  4. The dual harmony section
  5. Dualling guitar solo section

All lesson have on screen tabs to help you work through each part.

I have also created backing tracks for the harmony section and the guitar solos.

Tabs and backing tracks are available to download.

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