Halls Of Valhalla Parts 1 2 & 3

The lessons includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format  which is available to download.

The course covers the main guitar parts played by Glen Tipton and Ritchie Faulkner.

Halford describes Halls Of Valhalla sound as “hard. It’s heavy. It’s something we think our Priest fans will be thrilled with. We know we have a reputation to maintain, and we know we have to deliver something really strong and solid. The album is going to be full of all the great things you love about Judas Priest — I don’t think I can say anything more than that without being hung, drawn and quartered.”

Four of the album’s songs have been performed live: “Halls of Valhalla”, “Dragonaut”, “March of the Damned” and the title track, with “Halls of Valhalla” reappearing in the setlist for the 2019 tour.

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