soloing tips part 1

This Course includes the tabs for all guitar in PDF format and backing all of which is available to download.

The course could really be seen more as a workshop as I will be adding content to this on a regular basis and there is also an opportunity for you to upload your playing for my critic.

The course is a great introduction to soloing and improvisation. A subject that I know from my online students is always a daunting subject. 

Each lesson will help you develop your technique and skill levels. I demonstrate each lick and break it down step by step.

Initially I will be focusing on the pentatonic scales however over time we will be expanding the ideas to major and minor scales.

Pentatonic Licks Soloing


Regular Time & Triplets

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Mixing Regular Time & Triplets

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5 Classic Blues Lines

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Backing Track Em 92 bpm

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