When The Wild Wind Blows By Iron Maiden

When The Wind Blows By Iron Maiden

This 11-minute track is one of the longest songs Iron Maiden have ever recorded. “The rhythm’s a little bit different from what we’ve done before, and there’s lots of melodies,” guitarist Dave Murray told Billboard Magazine. “It’s a big song. We learned it in sections just because it was such a complex arrangement, but it sounds quite natural (on the record).”

This in depth course covers all the guitar parts recorded by Dave Murray, Adrian Smith & Janick Gers.

It also includes the solos played by Adrian Smith and Dave Murray.

When The Wild Wind Blows is the tenth and final track on Iron Maiden’s fifteenth studio album.

Despite the world appearing to be ending in apocalypse, the narrator has hope “now the days of our ending have begun.” The song is based on author Raymond Briggs’ post-nuclear fallout graphic novel When The Wind Blows.

Although “El Dorado” would be the only new song featured in the 2010 leg of The Final Frontier World Tour, “Satellite 15… The Final Frontier,” “The Talisman,” “Coming Home” and “When The Wild Wind Blows” were added to the setlist in 2011. “El Dorado”, “Coming Home” and “When the Wild Wind Blows” were later featured on the “Best Of” album From Fear to Eternity.

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